Just a sampling of recent work. Use the links below to filter the images.

Drive 4 Corners

Illustration and layout - for t-shirts, event giveaways

Calvin and Hobbes out jeeping

Sticker design concept

Divided Vine

A refreshed, modern logo for a beer and wine bar

Bocce 11 - pint glass design

Logo for an annual charity event. Used on glassware.

Cheatin' Death

Personal project

Simple Machine Brewing Company

Helical Haze - label design and illustration

Simple Machine Brewing Company

Day Crusher - label design and illustration

Simple Machine Brewing Company

Dank Machine - label design and illustration

Converse All Stars


Screamin' Saguaro

Sticker design

Man De Lorean

Personal project

Oscar and R2D2

Personal project

TP Run

Unused Editorial concept


Personal project

New bar logo - the Vault

Custom illustrated vault door done in a industrial scratchboard design

5er West shirt design

The shirt design for the 2017 5erWest BMW meet in Gladstone, OR

Theorem Jui Jitsu

An impossible shape forms the logo for Theorem Jiu Jitsu, which focuses on the intellectual side of the martial arts practice.

Three Sheets Books

Logo for Three Sheets Books, which are handmade notebooks made from craft beer six pack boxes.
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AZ Backyard Brew and Boil event logo

Pint glass and t-shirt logo for a genuine crawfish boil that happens here in Phoenix each year.

Whining Pig logo

The sketchbook doodle that became the logo for the Whining Pig franchise.

Orchard Medical Consulting

I gave their logo a modern update, which we then tied to the
web site update

Ignite Collaborative Arts logo

A new logo for a modern dance company in Phoenix

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Digital illustration concept for PBR (unused)