I've been the senior web designer at SRP since 2002. Consistently ranked as one of the best utility web sites in the country, the redesign we completed at the end of 2016 finally cinched us the J.D. Power for Best Utility Web site in the country.

Yes, it is too a category.

Best Utility Website - J.D. Power - 2017

Mar 2017 - J.D. Power

Lead web designer for the redesign of SRP's main website. Following launch, J.D. Power announced the website, srpnet.com, received the highest satisfaction score among the 73 utilities in its 2017 Utility Website Evaluation Study. SRP improved 10 points, moving from No. 11 in 2016 to No. 1 for the 2017 study.

The study evaluates how easy it is to use a utility’s website by examining 16 tasks based on the type of utility, including making a payment, viewing consumption history, reviewing account information, researching energy-saving information, updating service, logging into an account, viewing and reporting outages, and locating water-quality reports. The utilities in the study consist of electric, gas and/or water utilities from across the nation.

Best Utility Website - North America

Oct 2015 - eSource

Our internet development team was awarded the Best Utility Website in North America for SRP's main corporate payment, billing and information website. eSource is a utility-specific industry communications agency.

Best Utility Marketing Website

Jun 2013 - UCI

Utility Communicators International gave us the award for PowerToGrowPHX.com – SRP's Economic Development website to promote Greater Phoenix.