Gro-Op is a fully-interactive clickable prototype built around the idea of connecting health and community-minded individuals with local urban farmers and gardeners in their vicinity. Sharing locally-grown produce, either through sales or trade, is the main idea behind the app. Currently called Gro-Op, a combination of “grow” and co-op,” and was a result of wanting to have a brandable, approachable name to build the concept around. The name may change, but the idea of growing a cooperative community will remain.


If there isn’t a need for this product, it will going to be an uphill climb when it comes to developing it, so I started with some guerrilla research. I spoke with a few people who were avid farmer’s market shoppers, and asked them if they would be interested in using an app that allowed them access to fresh fruits, vegetables and eggs in their community.

If the Farmers market had an app like that I would use it. Facebook Marketplace is terrible and sketchy. I might use an app, but I actually use the bullten board in our neighborhood.